STF Dominance

STF Montana Black
STF Dominique R170
DLS Black Baldie

STF Red Ransom
MMP Kiss This 37L
NUH Miss Horizon

Polled PB bull
Birth Date : 1/04/07
Birth Weight : 115
ADJ WW : 771
Registration Number : 2387605

4.1 2.6  28  50.3  14.4  1.4  15.4  89 60

Dominance has proven him self as a consistent producer for the best all around cattle in the Simmental breed! From coast to coast this outstanding individual progeny is winning show, being outstanding mothers, and feeding efficiently. Take a look around our website and you will find what a great job he has done for not only us but other breeders!
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 STF Dynamic
 STF Deception
 STF Fixation
 STF Dominance X GCF Caliente
 STF Dominance X STF R79M
 STF Dominance X GCF Miss Caliente
 STF Dominance X GCF Caliente

 Dominance sons  2010 NWSS
Dominance Son shown by
 Forrest Brook Farms, WI
Res Grand Champion bull 2011
 Dominance sons
Grand Champion pen of 3
2010 NWSS

DOMINANCE 2 year old